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Zilla TXT To PDF Converter  v.1.0

Zilla TXT To PDF Converter is a freeware to convert TXT files to PDF format files in batch mode. Zilla TXT to PDF Converter also allows users to set Page Size, Font, Author and Keywords information etc.

Zilla Word To Text Converter  v.1.1

Zilla Word To Text Converter is a free windows destop application to batch convert MS Word files to plain text format. Zilla Word To Text Converter also support Batch Mode to convert several word files at one time. Zilla Word To Text Converter

Zilla PDF to TXT Converter  v.2

Zilla PDF to TXT Converter is a freeware to convert pdf files to plain text format files in batch mode. Zilla PDF to TXT Converter also support convert specific pages range to txt files.

PDF To JPEG Lite  v.3.00

PDF To JPEG Lite is a FREE windows utility that quickly converts PDF documents into JPEG image formats. Users are able to customize DPI and Page Range in conversion setting. Also, PDF To JPEG Lite supports Batch Mode that converts hundreds of PDF

Text Encode Converter  v.1.0 Build 110531

Text Encode Converter is an easy-to-use application that can help you convert encode of multiple ansi / utf-8 / unicode plain text documents to and from any encode, either interactively or in batch mode. It can convert encode of thousands of files

TextTest  v.3.22

Texttest was developed to be an application-independent open source tool for text-based functional testing. This means running a batch-mode binary in lots of different ways, and using the text output produced as a means of controlling the behaviour

Free Image Convert and Resize  v.2.0

Free Image Convert and Resize is a compact yet powerful program for batch mode image processing. The program easily converts separate images as well as file folders containing images into different graphic formats, renames, reorders them and changes

Dbblast (Dust bunny blaster)  v.0.1.8

Dbblast (Dust bunny blaster) is a utility that automatically removes dust spots or "bunnies" from .jpg images. It also removes hot pixels. It can be run manually one bunny at a time or in batch mode from either a GUI or from the command

COOK embedded language  v.1.0.2

COOK is an embedded language which can be used as a macro preprocessor and for similartext processing. The concept is similar to PHP, but is oriented towards batch-mode

LDAP Navigator  v.0.9.6

A web based LDAP administration console to ease directory administrators daily tasks.Features a tree view, a search engine, edit/add/modify/delete operations, plus nifty features such as a batch mode, ACL wizard and

Loadinfo  v.0.03

Software written in Perl to monitor CPU load more effectively than top in batch mode, or a glance at load avg. Stores data in a mysql database (if you want) and provides a number of 'front ends' allowing you to pull graphs or spreadsheets out of the

Nifty Clean  v.3.4

Clean is a program that searches for backup files and such identified by regular expressions in a ~/.cleanrc, and deletes them: possibly interactively with a per-file y/n decision, or in a batch mode. Clean is written in C and targets

Rzync  v.0.2

rzync is a simple ksh script using rsync to synchronize a file/directory with a remote one using the SSH channel. It enables user to define different configurations and prepare SSH keys, and also supports batch mode and logging option to trace the

Unix2win  v.rc

Unix2win is a tool that converts unix files with LF (n) intofiles in the DOS/windows format CRLF (rn). Unix2win can workin batch mode, uses wildcards (*.txt) and can work on subfolders.The output file could be the same or a different

Xsh - an XML Editing Shell  v.

XSH is a powerfull command-line XML editing tool/programming language in the manner of Unix shell interpreters and line-oriented text editors like ed which can be used either interactively or for batch-mode XML

Yamwi  v.10.10

Yet Another Maxima Web Interface. Run Maxima programs via the web in batch mode. Mathematical results are returned in ASCII Art style or TeX based

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